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Santiago is sticky

After two more days in town (don´t ask, don´t tell), I finally left Santiago the day before yesterday in the late afternoon. I got to Los Andes and camped there over night. The countryside in Middle Chile is lovely. Moreover, the late springtime brings out the best in it. I took a lot of pictures as I passed the Andes, but you could have guessed due to my fondness of mountains.

I saw the Cerro Aconcagua! It was an impressive view I repeat my promise to upload pictures "soon" everytime, but this time it won´t have to bee expected in the near future.My online time, if any, will more likely be burnt on applications and organizing stuff. Apparently, my passport and credit card have been found in the gutter of Antofagasta. Good news, but what shall I do now? I¨ll find out more by consulting the embassy (gosh, I would not have thought I would ever  write such a sentence.)

3.12.07 21:32


Quick note

I am in Mendoza. I am heading East, not South; I changed my plans and want to reach Buenos Aires and the Atlantic Ocean again.
5.12.07 19:59


Tonight, the thunderstorm broke one of my tent poles. I feel gloomy, and seriously consider not expanding my tour. The recent days have been very demanding, with more than 150 km per day, and strong cross wind ( I HATE the wind.)
10.12.07 15:32

the atlantic was born today, and i´ll tell you how:
the clouds above opened up and let it out
i was standing on the surface of a perforeated sphere when the water filled every hole
and thousands upon thousands made an ocean making islands where no islands should go...

I reached Buenos Aires yesterday. I feel fine, and have overcome my recent saltiness. Thanks for your support. Things to do today: fix the tent (hopefully), call the airline, call the embassy, send postcards.

13.12.07 14:33

I'm just coming back from my first skydive. It's hard to say much about it. I have got a DVD of the jump, but I do not know if it is of common interest.

Tomorrow, or the day after, I will be off to Iguacu. I will let you know what it is like there.

17.12.07 23:02

Merry Christmas, everyone! Thanks to those who wish me well.

It is true what they say about the waterfalls of Iguazu. They is everyone, in that case. The pictures I have made don't distinguish themselves from the mainstream holiday pictures, but what can I do... go there yourself if you want to see more.

The level of violence in the comments is most entertaining, although nothing else had to be expected on Christmas.

A short note: I don`t consider my return as sign of weakness, or "giving up". I did not come to South America on a mission, and I achieved and experienced more than I had expected. But I am curious, and I have ideas what to do next. You will see.


23.12.07 15:04

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