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The Reawakening

Hey there, reader.

You may have thought that this blog was an exhibit of the 98 % of the blogs that are no longer updated, and rightly so... but surprise, it was sleeping all along.

My next trip will start this weekend. I'll be headiing off from my hometown this time, and it will be a kind of colf start. I did not have much time to get exercise, so I'll SUCK. That's the reason why I will not reveal my planned rout to the full extend - in order to prevent you from assessing my failure to the full extend.

Seriously: this is not going to be another cornerstone of my pride, nor another chapter in a book, let alone a demonstration of my abilities. My trip is just some time off, on my own, without having to care much about anything but the road ahead, and basic things alike. Only so much: I'll go west. As you already know, this will serve as a log book in a very old fashioned way.

There's more to come, but my reports from on the road will be brief, of course.

8.7.09 00:35



I am in Bregenz. I dragged myself over the Arlberg pass yesterday and rolled out the Rhine valley to end up at the side of the Bodensee lake.

I am staying at my sisters place. It's very nice here, I am shamelessly exploiting the hospitality of my cousin and his girlfriend. I had the chance to meet my niece Greta for the second time ever, since I was invited to lunch and dinner at their place... I somehow have to find out the recipe for the quiche-lorraine like pie that I got there. It was delicious.

Today will be a quiet, relaxed stage. I have a general direction to keep, but nothing more. I don't eypect slopes, nor wind,... maybe a little traffic, but thats okay. Just rolling towards the mountains again.  

14.7.09 06:16

Passy-St. Germain

A short hello from the Mont Blanc region. Its been raining quite a bit recently, but I dont care (anymore). I am heqded towards Grenoble.

18.7.09 12:23


I am in Meyrueis, on the borders of the Massif central. I just blew a 1000 percent occasion of asking for an email adress and am therefore still awestruck.There would probably be no wars if all people were like me, but hu,ankind would most definitelw die out within a few generations nevertheless.

I am running out of sun lotion. Make your conclusions on the weather.

I am pretty much in the middle of my route through France. The landscape is very nice: like in Italy, but less tourists, less litter, and no sea. I am taking pictures every now and then. Wait for the upload...

21.7.09 16:48

What happened so far:

After Bregenz, I went into Switzerland and camped at Rapperswil. Switzerland looks kind of like a good Settler 2 - empire: everything neat and clean, and perfectly arranged.

The next day, I went over some lower passes to arrive at Meiringen. I crossed the Grimsel pass the next day and camped at Salgesch; I left Switzerland the next day, arriving at Chamonix in the middle of the pouring rain.

The next days, I crossed Savoy stopping at Montmareil and Valence for the nights. Then, I had to make my way through the massif central (watch the tour de france to,orrow, it passes through the same region - I went from Valence to Aubernas as well). Then, I followed the river of Tarn for the most part, arriving from Genoulhac (where I was in a dire situation because I did not find the camping) to Meyrueis, continuing to Requista, where I am now. The road is till not very flat,because it leaves the riverside every now and then to lead to some villiage situated on a hill, but after Albi, all will be well.

Tune in to find out more about: my visit to Albi and Toulouse. How I crossed the Languedoc and what I found out there. And how the conspiracy theorists want to take over the world.

23.7.09 16:11

When you got nothing, you got nothing, Toulouse.

Here I am, in the biggest city of my trip so far. I made a stop in Requista, found a place to stay there, and did the one million meter check. I will report more later on, unfortunately, I dont have much time to write here (other people are waiting for the computer.)

Unfortunatelw, there is no way to upload pictures. Be patient, my cheeky badgers.

24.7.09 20:07

Nice gem of the hostel I am staying in right now:

as a consequence of some fire accident last year, the administration enforced measures to improve the security; concretely, guests are now obliged to stay for 2 nights minimum. Apparently, that was the only change made.

25.7.09 10:17

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