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What happened so far:

After Bregenz, I went into Switzerland and camped at Rapperswil. Switzerland looks kind of like a good Settler 2 - empire: everything neat and clean, and perfectly arranged.

The next day, I went over some lower passes to arrive at Meiringen. I crossed the Grimsel pass the next day and camped at Salgesch; I left Switzerland the next day, arriving at Chamonix in the middle of the pouring rain.

The next days, I crossed Savoy stopping at Montmareil and Valence for the nights. Then, I had to make my way through the massif central (watch the tour de france to,orrow, it passes through the same region - I went from Valence to Aubernas as well). Then, I followed the river of Tarn for the most part, arriving from Genoulhac (where I was in a dire situation because I did not find the camping) to Meyrueis, continuing to Requista, where I am now. The road is till not very flat,because it leaves the riverside every now and then to lead to some villiage situated on a hill, but after Albi, all will be well.

Tune in to find out more about: my visit to Albi and Toulouse. How I crossed the Languedoc and what I found out there. And how the conspiracy theorists want to take over the world.

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