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I feel gloomy. My last best hope is to get my bike fixed in Zadar, Croatia. I went from Postojna to Senj yesterday, and felt fine; today, misfortune kicked in and ruined my mech hanger (once again!), which I had anticipated. Then, something went wrong with my gear switch, such that I am now on a single gear bike (more or less; it still has the coveted old-fashioned "get off the bike, change the gear by putting your chain to another -chainwheel, get on the bike again" - gear switch. I dont think that is good enough to get me to Istanbul Lets hope for the best, though. Maybe I should rename this blog to "charms splits" or something along these lines.
6.8.10 14:11


Innsbruck-Zell-Poidljubl-Postojna. Mehr beizeiten.
4.8.10 18:58

Brief editorial

I want to bring to your consideration the new link called photostream, which directs you to the flickr page containing the pictures of my tour. The stream is not well organized, my apologies for that.

This side will feature a "best of" (or, if you will, an "at least not the worst of" ) the material. I'll also try to summarize the stages. Tune in tomorrow to read about the first day, the Innsbruck-Bregenz stage.

2.8.09 02:56

first pictures

ever tried. ever failed. no matter. 
try again. fail again. fail better.
ruins near the city of imst, still in Tyrol. 
same castle, different shot. could be the Tschirgant in the background.
Arlberg pass, on the border between Tyrol and Vorarlberg.
2.8.09 02:33


When I wanted to start off to Pau today, a pqrt of my bike broke, the so-called mech hanger (read the encouraging article on the subject, in German:,1518,557052,00.html )

I am quite certain that given the circumstances, this will be the end of my journey.

26.7.09 08:15

Nice gem of the hostel I am staying in right now:

as a consequence of some fire accident last year, the administration enforced measures to improve the security; concretely, guests are now obliged to stay for 2 nights minimum. Apparently, that was the only change made.

25.7.09 10:17

When you got nothing, you got nothing, Toulouse.

Here I am, in the biggest city of my trip so far. I made a stop in Requista, found a place to stay there, and did the one million meter check. I will report more later on, unfortunately, I dont have much time to write here (other people are waiting for the computer.)

Unfortunatelw, there is no way to upload pictures. Be patient, my cheeky badgers.

24.7.09 20:07

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