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A quick preview

I am in Jujuy, near the banks of Rio Xibi Xibi (sounds like the names are taken from some "kids learn to read" books.) I'll try to come as far as Purnamarca today. The village close to the "hill of the seven colors" is the gate to the first pass, which brings me up to the Altiplano highlands.

I hope to reach Susques, the only village in the half-deserted highlands, within the next three days. Another five days are scheduled to cross the Paso de Jama (the Argentinian-Chilenian border) and to reach San Pedro the Atacama, the famous desert town.

For those who asked: yes, it is me at the top of the blog. It was taken at the Tete Rousse cottage, in the Mont Blanc region.

it is almost certain that I won´t have internet access during my Andes traverse. Keep your fingers crossed, if you like.

Btw, I am sorry, the blog is being written without much consideration (or second thoughts.) I apologize for typos, and/or uninspired conduction. Thanks.

6.11.07 18:39


Some off-topic entertainment for the break

6.11.07 19:31


.. the city is located on the mountainside, the houses, almost piled up, appear like an audience to a stage, which is the sea. The hills behind are part of the driest desert in the world; all is huge compared to this man standing by the oceanside, who, for the first time, steps into the water of the pacific ocean.

If you have to celebrate your birthday alone, do it that way.

I am so proud.

13.11.07 00:14

A major earthquake hit northern Chile on Wednesday, and local television showed cars crushed under a section of collapsed building and terrified, confused residents in the streets.

Video from Antofagasta, Chile, on Wednesday shows earthquake damage.

Ricardo Lagos Weber, minister of government affairs, who spoke from Santiago an hour after the quake hit, said there were no immediate reports of injuries. But he said information from isolated areas in the far north had yet to come in.

The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.7 and was centered at the port city of Antofagasta, which also is the regional capital, at a depth of 37 miles (60 kilometers), according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The area is about 780 miles (1,245 kilometers) north of Santiago.

The quake rattled buildings, and local media reports indicated electricity was out in some areas and telecommunication service was uneven.

In Copiapo, near Antofagasta, frightened residents ran in the streets, and mothers clung to their children, local television showed.

"It was horribly strong. It was very long and there was a lot of underground noise," Andrea Riveros, a spokeswoman for the Park Hotel in Calama, told The Associated Press. The hotel is about 60 miles east-southeast of the epicenter, the AP reported. Video Watch what a 7.7 quake can do »

14.11.07 18:57

Was it a good idea to trip back to San Pedro yesterday?

Yes, it was.

Here, the earthquake was not very strong, but yet, a wall broke down, and the church tower is a little damaged. I don´t want to focus on what I did today etc as long as I don´t know more about victims and damage in Antofa. Reporting my well-being is about all I want to report right now.

14.11.07 19:03


How does the earth look like from 6000 m of altitude? We´ll finbd out. Tomorrow.

16.11.07 16:55


That went remarkably well!

The ascent was not technically challenging, but the heights, the temperature and the wind could have spoiled the fun. They did not at all.  

The view from the summit was stunning. The Sairecabur is the highest peak of the region, so the panorama is undisturbed. I saw the Salar de uyuni, and most of the Atacama Region.

I'll try to provide pictures from ascent & summit as soon as possible, but it won't be easy. Flickr already complains that I am running into their webspace limits, and usually, my time online is limited.

18.11.07 19:25

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