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The Reawakening

Hey there, reader.

You may have thought that this blog was an exhibit of the 98 % of the blogs that are no longer updated, and rightly so... but surprise, it was sleeping all along.

My next trip will start this weekend. I'll be headiing off from my hometown this time, and it will be a kind of colf start. I did not have much time to get exercise, so I'll SUCK. That's the reason why I will not reveal my planned rout to the full extend - in order to prevent you from assessing my failure to the full extend.

Seriously: this is not going to be another cornerstone of my pride, nor another chapter in a book, let alone a demonstration of my abilities. My trip is just some time off, on my own, without having to care much about anything but the road ahead, and basic things alike. Only so much: I'll go west. As you already know, this will serve as a log book in a very old fashioned way.

There's more to come, but my reports from on the road will be brief, of course.

8.7.09 00:35


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